Read an excerpt from a story in Advent called, A Tale Of Perception, which has been broken down to bite-size parts for this website... Enjoy!


In a world like ours but different, five individuals walk their own paths, eventually paths cross and a deeper plot emerges. This novella is the first installment of A Tale of Tales and it introduces the reader to the Radiant Order World. Follow as they all realise that all they see, may not be all there is to be seen... Read about struggle, fate, despair, passion... A Tale of Tales Book One, Advent, contains: 

A Tale Of One: This is the first short story in Advent and it introduces the reader to a major event within the Radiant Order multiverse. It is the story of one individual's experience, as he observes and contemplates his environment but with every action there is a reaction... What will be the outcome of his experience...

A Tale Of A Paradox: This is the second short story in Advent, which highlights the struggle between The Travellers and The Orion Confederation. A planet in turmoil, struggling to remain and endure, seeks help from the race of Travellers. One Traveller hears the call and journeys to the source, offering aid as best as she can and this is her story.

A Tale Of Perception: This is the third short story in Advent and like the previous two, it introduces the reader to the Radiant Order multiverse. This story is set in a future, fictional Earth and it focuses on Shade, a soldier of The Brethren, whose perception of reality is altered by a curious encounter.

A Tale Of Awakening: This is the main story in Advent and the events in the previous stories lead to this one, even if the relationship isn't immediately apparent; the connection will become increasingly apparent, as the story of this collection evolves. This story, set in Earth's future, follows Ayotola Johnson; a Neoman who has survived an attack on his family and his search for answers.

A Tale Of A Champion: This is the final short story in Advent and it introduces a new character, who is from a world called Aleia. Follow his story as he fights alongside his kin, to defend their home and all that they hold dear; using all manner of weapons that they possess.

All five stories are bridged by The Watcher, The Witness, a sentient being who tells these tales from multiple perspectives as it has observed. Download Advent and enter the Radiant Order multiverse as a newborn Traveller and learn what it means to be one... Read about a struggle that transcends space, time and dimensions.