“Stand aside or die.” I said to the crystalline being as I drew my blade. I saw its face make a gasp and then it smiled as it continued its approach, so I pulled the trigger; the blade roared and the being shrieked. I ran at it and I slashed upwards, it dodged, so I moved with the motion of the blade into a lunging attack, which pierced what seemed like mist and the being dispersed.

I found myself beside the console and the being reappeared at the other side of the room; it was going to try to distract me, so I had to be quick. With my free hand I keyed in commands, knowing General Tani would be making his way up here soon. The being approached again, as calmly as before; chuckling  menacingly this time. I hit enter on the keyboard after finishing a string of commands… DENIED. Damn it. I could hear General Tani coming down the hall. Hell, the way I see it if he can’t use the console, he can’t launch. With that thought, I brought my blade down on the console destroying the system and just then, General Tani opened the door.

“Shade, what are you doing here? When did you get to Greenland?” He asked.
“I know what you are up to, your plans are ruined, give yourself up.” I replied ignoring his question and he smiled.
“Yes you may have destroyed a part of the plan, but North America will still fall. I have in my hand the detonator for the HARRP systems, with that region in their sights. All I need to do is tell it when to engage and boom!” He answered as he laughed.
“What happened to you? You used to have a dream to protect our people…” I started to say but then I saw the truth, the being controlled him completely and he had little choice in his actions; he was already dead, may his soul rest in peace. Meanwhile, I’ll prepare his body to follow.

“Humanity calls and cries for help… Help me, oh, help me... I am so weak... But still they murder the very being that carries them through space-time. They are like parasites, take, take, take; that is all a human knows. Well I have a solution, I'll kill two thirds of the population to ease the land and subdue your people with an overwhelming invasion. That way, we’ll be right here to help you…” He trailed off into maniacal laughter. Pompous shit.
“We are not parasites, we try to work with our planet. You however, are the definition of a parasite, using another's body to do your will; today you will die.” I said dryly as I walked towards him.

“Death is meaningless to me, I will be reborn. So, let us dance!” He roared, materializing a blade out of thin air and then he charged... 

(To Be Continued in Advent eBook...)