Finally I saw it and the warehouse was imposing, it was a large metallic structure in a clearing surrounded by trees. I glanced down at my rifle and saw that the red LED was 'off', meaning the pulse was armed. It would take too long too scope the entire perimeter first and so I proceeded through the threshold, into the building. There were a few lights, high up in the ceiling and the warehouse looked cluttered...

“Your pulse rifle will not work here.” I heard as a shadow passed across my vision in the distance. I tried to fire and the rifle sparked, I looked to the indicator and saw that the red LED was now 'on', so I tossed it aside and whipped out my pistols. That light was definitely 'off' when I checked last time and then I heard him laugh, crazy fanatic.

“Show yourself!” I called.
“Showing my self is a tall order, besides you’ll only shoot at me.” He replied.
“Damn right!” I shouted back “You just tried to kill the General and destroy the base!!” I added.
“Yes. I did.” He replied, while I searched for where his voice was coming from.
“Monsters like you is why I exist.” I stated as I readied my pistols.

“From your current point of view I guess you are right and I am a monster, but allow me to expand your understanding.” He said as he stepped into view. He was a tall man and he was cloaked, his head and body were concealed; the sight of him seemed to twitch and I instinctively gripped my pistols tighter.

“You wish to fight me.” He said simply. With my left hand I lifted my pistol and aimed, deliberately pulling the trigger. He moved too fast for my eyes and was already half the distance between us. Damn it. He was very quick, I swung my right pistol, adding its rounds to the left, trying to track and predict his now zigzag approach. Before I knew it, he passed me and moments passed as his body brushed past mine but before passing he tapped his finger on my forehead. Mad man, he's just trying to tease me.

I swung the pistols round as he passed and he blocked my arm on the right and parried on the left, responding with an open palm to my chest. I twisted and spun on my heel bringing the butt of my pistol towards his head and he ducked but when he came back up, he faced the barrel of my gun. For a moment it was silent and I felt a tingle at the back of my neck; then I squeezed the trigger and two shots rang out in quick succession but he moved... He was so quick; he had knocked my arm away and I realized that I had missed. He grabbed my shoulder and planted his feet on my chest, pushing himself into the air while sending me hard to the ground a few feet away. The suit deflected the majority of force but still I hurt badly. I got up to see him standing within speaking distance from me. I held my guns limply at my side, they were useless against him and I couldn't kill him. I wouldn't even call this a fight, it seemed that I was greatly outmatched. (tbc...)