Eventually I began to see images, it was General Tani and he was in his office handling paperwork, nothing unusual here. Look deeper, the thought I felt seemed to say. I looked at the video again, which had now progressed through time and it was now darker, later in the day and that was when I first saw it. It was a beautiful being, its body shone like the purest crystal and it was segmented like an insect. Its clear crystalline form shone with colours that shifted between red, gold, blue and the faintest of green... I watched as days passed and that being was always present, apparently unnoticed by General Tani.

The scene changed and it was now one of the conference hall at night. There were four guards, the general, the being and a representative from the New World Order. They seemed to be performing some kind of ritual and I saw colour from the being flow like a soft breeze towards General Tani. He levitated, as the colour from the being seemed to fill him, his body began to spasm and then he passed out. The guards quickly rushed to their General's side, neglecting the NWO representative.

The crystalline being walked to the NWO representative and calmly thrust its fist into the man's chest and he dropped instantly. The guards finally noticed and readied their guns. Too little, too late... The being slaughtered them like a deranged carnivore, feeding on their essence. When General Tani woke he saw the scene before him and quickly escaped, severing all connections of that night to himself. Around him was now an aura that I hadn't seen before, it was gold with a tinge of red and it sometimes changed colour like the being that followed him.

The days that passed were the same, the murders grew in number and the General changed, I began to understand why some usual things had happened on the base. I also understood why it seemed that we had lost more soldiers than were accounted for; it was so bad we had to recruit twice last season. Adam speaks the truth and with that thought, the video stopped and the sky cleared.

“I believe you but what do you want from me?” I asked.
“I have given your being knowledge, a knowledge that will reveal itself to you with understanding and as time goes by you will know your role in service but first you must stop General Tani.” He replied.
“Any ideas?” I asked.
“Loads but the quickest way to put it would be, stop him at all costs” He replied.
“Very helpful... How much time do I have?” I asked.
“Not very long, he plans on using HARRP technology to destroy North America in an attack against the NWO, the deaths and blood will give him enough energy to open a large enough dimensional gateway for an invasion.” He replied “No more than half an hour from now.” He added.
“What the hell?!” I replied. "You're just telling me this now! And by the way what did you mean by knowledge and service anyway?” I asked.
“When the time is right you will know, however, if you seek you will find.” He replied.

“Your armour is a good design but it is lacking in some areas, I have modified it to improve your chances of survival. When you wake, you will find your rifle and pistols missing, their elements have been merged and forged into an indispensable blade; you will need it for your mission. I have given you my knowledge of swordsmanship to add to your own, among your kin your skills are now beyond remarkable.” He added.
“There will also be a cloak by a door, near where you will wake, cover yourself with it before you pass through the door. If you do not, you will surely die. The door will lead you through the hidden ways; I have plotted your path, so you only have to stay on the road but be cautious and do not wander off the path. It will take but moments of your time to reach your destination but it will be almost instantaneous in this realm's continuum.” He continued. "Any questions?” He asked.

“So... How much time do I have left?” I asked.
“That depends, time is relative.” He answered with a laugh. “In the realm of the discarnate, time doesn't pass as you would understand.” He added “Any more questions?" He asked.

“Why are you doing this?” I asked and he smiled as the vision began to fade. (tbc...)