Throughout the Cosmos, my endless awareness, spread,
And stretch forth, my every thought, living, dead and undead.
Gaze with my sight, deep within the light,
But look with despair, this trouble over there.

Settling with my mind upon these unsettling perceptions,
Their woe and troubles pervade the borders of nations,
Distress is the stress therefore impressed on the rest,
Nature, in her capacity did wage her dreaded rage.

Unbound were the waters for joy their crest leapt,
The rhythm did shake at their feet but some kept,
Pockmarked her blood boiled, fire from a boil,
And the winds did churn leaving chaos at every turn.

Conscious were her children preying upon their brethren,
Inane and inept these guardians fell downtrodden,
Hearts invest, suppressed, led by selfish interests,
Who exhume to consume, from oil to legume.

They rabble and fume asking for a change,
But seldom do vested priorities rearrange,
With their planet in a spell that will not dispel,
I spied me the whispers of would be redeemers.

Down an unending well such a tale did they tell,
More of them fell, their paradise turned to hell,
But perhaps their desire, might soon retire,
Calamity retreat, respite in its defeat.

Harken these words, spoken in a breath,
United you'll stand but divided brings death.