There was a bright light and suddenly I was back at the warehouse, and I was sitting with my back to a crate. On my left side was the door that Adam spoke about, with a cloak on the ground beside it. On my right was a blade in a scabbard; I got up, picked it up and unsheathed it, revealing the blade. It looked like no other blade on Earth and I noticed its odd curves on the reverse. There were also five markers, which glowed a dull red; the sword was silver with a shiny blade and there was a groove on the hilt like a trigger. Scabbard in one hand, I raised the blade and held it vertically, its point in the air; I pulled the trigger and heard the blade roar. I felt a wave wash over me and I noticed the blue shimmer of the blade and the red glow of one of the markers. I brought the blade down in a true arc across the crate and for a moment nothing happened…

Then the groan of the wood was heard as the top half slid to the ground. Sharp blade... I thought as I walked towards the door. I wore the cloak and strapped my blade, facing the very normal looking door with a golden handle; considering my new mission. I believed in its truth and I believed it was right; I had felt a nagging before which had now ceased, now that I knew the truth. I guess I always knew, maybe I never truly believed in this new anti-NWO Brethren. Adam would say it is all about perception, your perspective, my perspective…With that thought, I turned the knob and opened the door.

It was utterly dark and the little light given off by the path before me was all but eaten by the darkness. There was nothing to do but walk and so I walked but as I followed the path I thought... I had always believed in my purpose and myself, everything else was just a condition, this was the reality that I believed. My thoughts were interrupted when I saw another door, my exit. This place felt uncomfortable like creatures watched me from beyond and I was grateful to leave.

I turned the knob, crossed the threshold and found myself inside a building. I squatted behind a crater and scoped the area. I knew where I was and it was definitely not Africa, I thought, as I saw snow falling on the other side of the window. Was this was Section Twelve? A new project, a building for implementing and maintaining Brethren cells; but as far as I knew, it was still under construction.

There was a workstation ahead of me but there were military men everywhere and then I saw General Tani. If he is here, then here is where the problem will be solved. I continued to scope the room and I noticed another access point not far from my current position. Quickly, while maintaining cover, I made my way and retrieved information on the building and its occupants. I confirmed what I had thought, this was Section Twelve and the console for the launch of the HARRP systems was in this building, on the top floor. My plan was simple; head to the console and nullify the threat, then arrest General Tani for questioning.

I could see the service elevator not far from here; well then, I thought, let us put the Traveller's talk of reality to the test. I believed that I was invisible and I strolled in plain view towards the elevator. Maybe it worked maybe it didn't,  either way I wasn't seen and so I continued up the building towards the console. I got there to find the crystalline being waiting for me. It stood in all its glamour in front of the console and I knew that I would have to get through it but without knowing how, I also knew a truth; it was half itself and so half its strength. It may have heard my thoughts the way it laughed and it approached me calmly, as I had seen it do to others. I could no longer control my rage towards it, this thing that killed my brethren. (tbc...)