Suddenly, I came to be within this pit,
Skeletal limbs clawed at my feet,
Dare I say, what I say,
It's sight brought much dismay.

And so I saw a nearby port,
The dreaded ship or so I thought,
I heard screams, shrieks did wail,
The ferry man called a hail.

(Do my eyes dare deceive,
Another one will I receive,
Oh such joy did I conceive,
So the ferry man did perceive.)

Unearthly voices called my being,
Biden to join this gruesome scene,
Is this what I am meant to be,
A wraith wailing upon the sea.

Here I am upon his ship,
Sailing past a jagged tip,
Upon a vast, ocean deep,
The stench of which made me weep.

(Do my eyes dare deceive,
More souls will I receive,
Oh such joy did I conceive,
So the gate man did perceive.)

And so I stood at the gate,
By spikes and skulls did I wait,
Under glares of vicious hate,
And he decided upon my fate.

And lo I walked the valley of death,
Shadows did skulk and chill my breath,
The sky was dark no star at hand,
Beneath my feet was blood red sand.

And when I cried and screamed my plea,
The eerie voices called to me,
Wraiths came forth-their eyes insane,
Transfixed-their touch, brought me pain.