“You can kill me anytime you want, why are you toying with me?” I asked him, his image twitched again and instinctively I gripped my pistols tighter.
“I am probably here and probably not but my will to exist here and now makes it so.” He started “Do you attempt to challenge that will? “ He offered. What the hell! This loony psycho is going off on one; I thought as I raised my pistols.

“Why did you attack the Base? Who are you?” I asked.
“Who I am is another tall order, let me simply say…” He replied, adding a short nod in acknowledgment.
“I am Traveller but you may call me Adam." He concluded. The way he says it! Like it should mean something to me.
“It should, after all we have already met. Not to mention the fact that your very genes know me.“ He offered. Did he just pick that from my mind?
“I exist outside of space-time; your mortal thoughts may not hide from me.” He answered.
“Stop that! What the hell is wrong with you, you maniac?! Why did you attack us?” I screamed. Now I was getting really vexed. Whoa… My head felt light for a moment... Maybe I should calm down.

“Relax, in a few moments all will be revealed….” His voice trailed off, while my head felt like it was swimming... Suddenly I was on a rooftop garden, dressed casually with a sombrero on my head. It was a breathtaking scene but how did I get here?
“I brought you here to explain things to a calmer you.” I heard his voice as an image of him appeared.
“We are inside your mind with our mental selves.” He explained, as he took a seat beside me and picked up a margarita. Pretty sure that wasn’t there a minute ago.

“That’s your problem, you confine too tightly your limits of reality. What is real and what is unreal in a world of endless possibilities...” He answered to my thoughts again.
“Be that as it may, you still haven’t told me why you attacked us.” I said and he looked at me with his odd eyes seeming to penetrate into the depths of my being.
“Your leader isn't who you think he is." He started. “At first, he may have started with good intentions but your kin are hated by The Orion Confederation. One of them has taken complete control of your leader and plans to bring about Armageddon.” He added.
“Hold on there mister. Are you trying to tell me that you are the good guy and General Tani is the bad guy? And you expect me to believe you?!” I interrupted him.
“Not right away but I am sure you will.” He replied. “What do you see?” He asked me pointing at a lake that had just come into existence.
“A lake.” I answered him.
“What is around it?” He asked and I looked.
“Nothing just the lake.” I answered.


“Are you sure there isn't a forest?” He asked and I looked again certain there wasn't but it had changed and now there was a forest!

“In your mind I can't change what is but always I see all there is...” He added. “... At least your distortion of perception is balanced. I am now going to show you visions from the Akashic record of truths. It is a recording of your General but open your perceptions to all realities; now that you know that what you see may not be all that there is to be seen. Look now and see...” He added as he stood gazing at clouds that began to collect together. (tbc...)