Born of flesh, of muscle, of bone,
Dance for joy, within your home.
Sentient beings, such works, man made,
Glorious strides, with plans well laid.

Guardians of Eden, do not feel beaten,
It is still here, and you can be smitten.
Forget not the path, you walked in the past,
Heroes and maidens, inventions that last.

Over the land, and across the seas,
Your future to chose, do as you please.
Stretch forth your hand, and fill your desire,
Such is the way, of those that brought fire.

How mighty your leaders, foes at the stone,
Defeated and vanquished, stripped to the bone.
How wily your leaders, clever with guile,
They snatch up the fish, and rip out its bile.

Sorrow in the 'morrow, reach out with care,
Look on with fear, such misfortune is near.
Your greatest fan, remember my name,
Let not your other, cast you to shame.