There was once an odd man who lived on a hill,
Dispassionately watching this world full of ill,
His zeal, surreal and so much did he feel,
Casually tossing, yet another bill.

Mysteriously laid, such plans, had he,
Sitting, contemplating beside a tree,
And so did he this man with glee,
To a forbidden deal did this man agree.

Together with others who fancied his dream,
Did he amass wealth of things that gleam,
His zeal became greed that filled to the brim,
Even he did not know what happened to him.

He traded in war, in sickness and fear,
Saying this way humanity will hear,
He pulled on tight strings with delicate care,
Saying in this way the world will repair.

Alas this man with such good intentions,
Fuelled the chaos within our nations.
The ill this man had set out to heal,
Crept in his heart to later reveal.