I played a few more chords and plucked the last string, so that the note was prolonged, inviting my audience to stop cheering and listen. 

“The Mars conglomerate have branded me a terrorist,” I started, cutting the silence with my voice, which echoed throughout the cavern so all could hear me.

“They say they have been chosen to lead us,” I continued, pacing the length of the stage.

“Do you know what I say?” I asked “Bullshit!!” I replied without waiting for an answer.

“They are the terrorists! They are the oppressors!! Earth cannot help us!!! They have become pawns of the Mars conglomerate in their quest to conquer this star system!” I shouted at the top of my voice, hearing my name chanted by the people.

“They make us work for a pittance! They constantly increase taxes!! They deny us our Human rights!! Look at our brothers the Neomen, they have become slaves to this design. They work like the worker bees of Earth, simply to be accepted by our so-called leaders. Every cycle they greet us with promises of change!! They tell us not to worry they understand and they will make it better!!!” I paused for a moment to catch my breath.

“Lies!! Deceit!!! The foulness of its stench reaches even to the Father of beginnings that we have all forgotten!!! Or did you forget the Earthlings and their so-called Age of Plight, their Armageddon!! The very planet rejected them, so too here should the people reject these impostors!!!!” I finished. The crowd cheered in reply. I swung Nexus forward from my back and played some music to heal the souls of those there with me, this time the music had a green hue laced with a bright golden light.

“I say to you, you were made to glory in creation, not to be subdued by false powers!! They imagine themselves gods... Such foolishness will be their demise. My brothers and sisters, I will not waste your time repeating what you already know. I called you here for this first and only meeting, to tell you that I have decided to raise a force against these ‘Masters’. Walking through this crowd are some of my most trusted people, if you wish to join us, give them your name," I said.

(To Be Continued...)