"The time will come when you will be called to put actions to our words. Those who started this rebellion will not have died in vain. We shall not be tamed!!!” I added gauging the crowd. I sent my senses out feeling what I already knew, I did not have much time.

“Go to your homes now with pride in your hearts knowing that the winds will soon change. Even now as we speak Martian Marshals make their way here to apprehend us all. I bid you all farewell with this message: the spark that was an idea, will now become a raging fire to consume our oppressors!!!!!” I finished with a chord that my captains knew as the signal to evacuate the cavern. I turned and walked off the stage towards my HAF, the cheers of the crowd followed me and with my mind I turned on my psychotronic interface.

“Evacuate them quickly, the Marshals are almost here,” I told my captains over the comms.

“Yes, Nexus,” I heard the different voices of my captain's reply. It may be that we will have our first battle this night, I thought. I looked at my HAF, Leoma, she has been passed down through my family for generations, constantly upgrading her sentient programming and hardware and now she looked nothing like the old pictures. HAF is the name for her generation, the Heavy Armour Fleet, they were responsible for keeping the peace on Earth, under the command of the Radiant Order Guards in the old world. I climbed into her cockpit and she greeted me by my name.

“Welcome back Nexus, I notice you aren’t wearing your accelerator suit today,” She commented, “This will result in less than optimal performance.”

“Well I didn’t want to appear to the people for the first time looking similar to the Marshals. Besides I am sure you are more than a match for anything we encounter,” I replied.

“Red Guard is active and ready to deploy,” She informs me, ignoring my compliment. That’s good if it hits the fan, they will be ready to react. All of a sudden, alarm bells went off in my head.

“Leomma, open the comms. to Red Guard,” I asked Leoma, knowing the action will be complete in less than a moment.

“Red Guard, this is Nexus. Prepare to defend our brethren!” I shouted through the communication device, just as the Martian Marshals broke through the roof of the cavern.

(To Be Continued...)