“Recent studies show that Neomen exhibit more 'beastial' traits than normal Humans. In addition, Eugenics Inc. released its data suggesting that Neomen do have genes activated, which are more characteristic of feline or canine...” --- Focus, August 2040

I walked onto the stage facing those who shared my beliefs, my idea. I had Nexus my guitar in hand and I was dressed in a desert survival suit, designed to protect us from the few lingering poisons in the atmosphere. A mask of swirling black and white covered my face, contrasting the brown suit but matching Nexus with the same markings. The mask contained within, the breathing apparatus needed for all living on Mars, since the terraforming of the planet was not yet complete.

I can be thought of as an actor by profession and as an actor, when I played a role, I immersed myself completely into the character; doesn’t it then follow that any situation is an act so to speak? So, by playing my role in this universal act of living, I shall become the personification of my idea. Before me my audience filled my vision and it seemed that I had many followers. Obviously diligent, since they came here to this remote underground cavern, knowing full well that the Mars Conglomerate did not approve of these kinds of meetings. Especially since the main idea was the rebellion of the people; it seemed that some had awakened to the dark nature of our governing corporations. Alas, I am too much for the authorities to handle, after all how can an idea be killed and I simply represent the idea. 

“I am Nexus!!!” I shouted out to the crowd as I struck several chords on Nexus my most loyal sidekick, a gift from Shade. It is smart not to use ones real name for an idea such as this one... My dear guitar, it seems I will be borrowing your name once again, though this time it might be permanent... My thoughts continued... The melody I struck reverberated throughout the cavern, it was a soft melody and I could still see the blue hue of my music.

I had known from birth that what I saw was energy flowing from my instrument and I saw it with other musicians but rarely as bright or clear. It didn't even seem like they were aware of it, Shade says it is my gift but my parents always refused to speak to me about this gift. They were the ones who started the rebellion and they were killed by the Mars Conglomerate, four cycles ago. Soon after, I continued their work in earnest, everything leading up to this point.

The Mars Conglomerate was the mega-corporation that more or less controlled all corporations on Mars and its life-holders were like the modern day royals of this world. The truth is that I am a life-holder, however, I never approved of the system.

(To Be Continued...)