As I walked through the gates I saw people everywhere, going about their duties even though it was still early in the day. I saw a heavy set Neoman, lugging a large concrete cast pillar on his shoulder, with his Monitors at his side barking orders at him. There weren’t that many Neomen left on the planet anymore and I am one of them. I get treated better than most because of my folks but Neomen are considered to be a lower class in general. They say we are easily prone to feral rage and insist on sedation; the limiting serum, even I have to take those regularly.

I saw signs representing companies for one thing or the other, they claimed that to move forward, our society needed a strong economy to compete with Mars. Maybe it does or maybe it doesn't, I wasn't really concerned. I strolled past the shop managers, greeting the few I knew along the way, slowly leaving the Delta Market Square. I continued my pace past small buildings, which weren’t much to look at; little hubs of lightweight sturdy material, mass manufactured by the Arks but they looked to be in good condition.

My parents called this place 'the slum' and I am not meant to associate myself with them because of my social stature. I am a dutiful son but I had always ignored this rule, much to the disapproval of my mother, after all, it's my right to make my choices; luckily the E.D.F. held no such conceptions. I decided to check on Karen, although I was pretty sure she had left for Assembly at the Order grounds already.

I walked through a narrow causeway winding around ahead of me, thinking of the Order, a fragment of the old world that had saved scriptures and teachings of the idea of the Creator. It had strong similarities with the monotheistic faiths of the old world but also resonated with the faiths of other old world religions. They were a force for good, developing social welfare, science and protecting the peace between us and other cities on Sanctuary.

I knocked the door to Karen's home and I was greeted warmly by Karen's Father, who told me she had already left. I thanked him and continued up the hill, I couldn't help but feel a little sorry for him. His wife was killed by our neighbours on the other side of the Ark Mountain. By those who held different beliefs to us, those with whom we disagreed with regularly. My C.O. always said that the battles were a good thing, as it kept us fresh and ready to defend ourselves from any threat. I considered this idea as I reached the Land Owners Quarter at the top of the hill and turned right towards the entrance to the Order.

It was a magnificent building, with huge towers shining in the sunlight, made from high-quality fiber, this construct could change its colours and patterns. The path to the entrance was paved evenly with marble and beautiful gardens lay on both sides. The gardens had workers tending to the plants and then I heard Karen’s voice carry over to me as she and Seun jumped up and down, trying to get my attention. I smiled and broke into a run eager to join them.

(To Be Continued...)