“Samson!!!! I know you can hear me. Where are you?!” I heard her call again. Ignoring her call, I went deeper, entranced by a shimmer at the bottom of the lake. I reached the object and I was promptly taken back into the depths of my memories, which were attached to the name tag. It belonged to my best friend, who was now on the Mars Colony and for just a moment, I thought back to our childish explorations. I felt the need for air and resurfaced to see my Mother glowering at me from the edge of the lake.

“I know you heard me,” she said slightly irritated. Her figure like all Neomen was strong, her long dark hair hung loosely from her head reaching below her shoulders and her bronze skin seemed to take into itself the sunlight that poured freely from above.

“Sorry Mother. I saw this at the bottom of the lake,” I offered apologetically, handing her the name tag. She took it, reading the name Eli Jean-Luc as surely as I did, then she looked at me while remaining silent. Her deep blue eyes seemed to penetrate the depths of my heart, daring me to ask the question on the tip of my tongue.

“Mother...” I started “...You never did tell me why their family left?” I asked after a moment’s pause. I had climbed out of Clear Lake and I dried my brown skin with a towel, shaking loose beads of water out of my thick locks.

“You shouldn’t worry yourself about that Samson. After all, you’ve got a big day today,” she replied, sidestepping my question yet again. I would have asked my dad, but he passed a few years back.

“Yeah I know but I wonder sometimes...” I said, leaving it hanging, as I watched my fully dressed reflection in the lake, recalling memories of my friend.

“Never mind, assembly starts soon so you’d better get going, plus it’s a big day for you,” she said with a smirk, turning smoothly towards the compound knowing that I would follow.

It had been five generations, over 1000 cycles, since Armageddon and we have made a home here for ourselves, a continent we called Sanctuary. I walked in my light pants and a sleeveless top, taking in the sights as though for the first time. I looked to my right to see a long plain of fertile grass, woodland in the distance and mountains further still. Some foragers came out to feed, while most were well hidden from view. I turned my head to my left and saw the entrance to our settlement. We called it Ark’s Land, not very imaginative but I am told it was the best that our ancestors could agree on.

(To Be Continued...)