“Fringe scientists continue to be discredited as they attempt to push claims that the Neoman phenomenon is a genetic adaptability, that is to say, it is evolution. Their spokesman, Dr. Alan Wate had this to say 'Attempting to subdue and filter out this strain will be dangerous for us, as it is indeed part of Human evolution. Yes, Neomen are Human too'. National statistics suggest that around two-fifths of the American Union Nationals are Neomen...” --- EMTV March 2039


“Lieutenant Commander Samson Rivers.” My Commanding Officer started.

“In recognition of your remarkable efforts and your assistance in making our Arks space worthy and battle ready.” He added, following protocol to the letter; emotions completely absent in his voice.


“You are hereby awarded the medals of bravery, honour, and service. In addition, you are promoted to Commander, you are now leader of a squad and will be given the opportunity to choose your team.” He finished, offering me a salute that I returned. He stepped off the podium and left me to face the single most influential man on the Planet. The current head of the Earth Council, Marshal Sincloe, approached me and shook my hand.

“Your accomplishment is truly remarkable considering you have the taint of Neoman in your blood,” He said to me quietly as he took the stage.


“I, Marshal Sincloe, head of the Earth Council, hereby Recognise Commander Samson Rivers as a leader in the Earth Defence Force, provided he proves himself in one final act,” he added.

Marshal Sincloe is a major life-holder in the Mars Conglomerate, a man of high aspirations and drive. He isn’t a tall man but has the build and manner of one who has served in battle. He waved his hand and a platoon marched round the corner. They called themselves the Szrea but we called them Tall Cats... They are singly the most highly regarded fighting force in the known Universe. They towered over most men and like the best-oiled machine they smoothly took formation in front of the podium, as they gathered, the crowd made way for them.

(This short story has been discontinued until further notice...)